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  1. I have dry eyes so they do water. This is the 2nd person to do my lashes. The first lady was very exspensive but after about 5 days when I would wash them they would fall out. The second lady does make them look good but I hav ed dry eyes and when I wake up they are clumpy. I sleep one chiropractic pillow with silk pillowcases so they do not last long either. I have to go every week. Both places I went they do not stay looking good but a few days. I wish they would last 2 weeks but they never do. If it is dry eyes and my eyes are watering what can I do?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Extensions only lasting a few days is not normal. It’s hard to know the exact cause without taking a look at your lashes myself. I would suggest asking a friend to take a close shot of your lashes after the application or find a better stylist who can find the cause.

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