Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons: A Helpful Guide

Eyelash extensions pros and cons: woman wearing lash extensions

One fun exercise I like to do to help me make a decision is a Pros and Cons list. If you are looking to give eyelash extensions a try for the first time, an eyelash extensions pros and cons list might be useful to help you decide if this is the right service for you.

So, I thought I would share my list with you!

Although most eyelash extensions users find the pros outweigh the cons, it’s important to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions as a way to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Pros Of Eyelash Extensions

Pros of eyelash extensions: looking beautiful at all times

Eyelashes have the unique ability to bold the outline of your eyes. Ultimately, eyelashes make the eyes look bigger and studies say that large eyes are attractive.[1] Moreover, eyelashes also prevent dust and debris from entering your eyes to a large extent.

So eyelash extensions must be a good thing, right? Let’s find out the benefits of lash extensions.

1- Look Gorgeous All The Time

Unlike strip lashes that need to be taken off after a few hours, eyelash extensions are shed with your natural lashes. Put simply, you can go to bed with them and expect to wake up with perfect lashes whether or not the rest of you looks great.

It can even change your confidence levels. Imagine looking like a diva without a drop of mascara or eyeliner while working out at home or the gym. And truth be told, I’ve never seen a mascara or pair of strip lashes that can look as long, fluffy, or natural as custom eyelash extensions.

2- Cut Down Your Total Makeup Time

According to the show Today study, the average woman used to take about 55 minutes for makeup back in 2014.[2] The Big Fabulous Beauty says it came down to 11 minutes in 2020.[3] Could the cause be the new trend of eyelash extensions? Perhaps yes. Because if you have lash extensions on, you no longer need mascara, eyeliner, or even any eye makeup.

3- Great For No-Makeup Looks

If you want to look natural without looking too dolled up, going for eyelash extensions is a great move. When you wear false lashes, your eyes look larger and defined without the need for usual makeup products like mascara and eyeliner. Moreover, false lashes are great for tying out no-makeup or natural styles too.

4- Forget Eye Makeup Accidents

Ever had to go out in a hurry but ended up having to deal with a smudged eyeliner first? Perhaps you’ve had to put on makeup while driving and accidentally pricked your eye with the mascara wand in the process.

Say goodbye to all that because you don’t need eye makeup once you get eyelash extensions. That means you can step out without feeling naked once you have lash extensions on!

5- Exclusively Made For Your Face

While there are many types of eyelash extensions like strip lashes and clusters or premade lashes apart from lash extensions, the best choice is false lash extensions.

Being customized for each person, false eyelash extensions can make thin lashes look voluminous and short ones look long and gorgeous in no time. To be honest, the right set of eyelash extensions can even modify the shape of your eyes and face!

6- Pain-Free Procedure

Once upon a time, fake lashes were sewed onto eyelids to make lashes look fluffy. But, that’s far from what happens now. Lash extensions treatments are non-invasive and totally painless for a few decades.

I can cross my heart and confess that the majority of my clients even sleep off mid-treatment because it’s quite cozy for clients because it’s such an intricate and sophisticated job for us lash techs.

Take a look at this article to know more about when and why eyelash extensions may hurt.

7- Waterproof

You can get lash extensions wet without worrying about them falling off. That’s because lash extensions are affixed on your natural lashes with the help of a medical-grade glue made from the chemical cyanoacrylate.

Once the initial cure period of four hours is over, all you need to do is clean and brush eyelash extensions after wetting them and still expect them to stay perfect for almost a month.

8- Long Lasting

When you compare lash extensions with strip lashes, the former is long-lasting unlike the latter. While eyelash extensions stay intact for three to four weeks, strip lashes don’t last longer than 24 hours.

Most of it depends on your natural shedding cycles and lash extensions typically fall off with your natural lashes. That’s why for people with low hair loss, eyelash extensions may even last for six weeks.

Take a look at our article about how long eyelash extensions last.

9- Change Your Look Every Time

There are several styles to experiment with when you’re getting eyelash extensions. From doll eye to cat-eye, kitten eye, squirrel, Kim-K, and so on you can try different curls, lengths, and thicknesses to change your look every time you go for a refill.

In short, you can make your eyes look tapered, larger, smaller, longer, etcetera with every lash session.

10- Perfectly Safe

Unlike how artificial lashes were dangerous a few decades ago, lash extensions are totally harmless and safe today. All you need to ensure is getting it done by a licensed professional. That’s because a certified lash artist will use adhesives, gel pads, cleansers, and tools that are safe, hygienic, and approved.

Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Cons of eyelash extensions: cost of getting lashes

When Seena Owens came back to the movie set of Intolerance after flaunting the world’s first-ever eyelash extensions put together by a wigmaker, her eyes were swollen shut.[4] But that was because the technique of applying lash extensions wasn’t accompanied by certified training.

Even today, lash extensions can pose discomforts when done by an unlicensed tech. What can happen if you go for cheaper treatments at shady salons?

1- Eyelash Extension Allergies

Although quite rare, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to the eyelash extension adhesive used to affix the extensions.

There’s a possibility of developing eye infections or discomforts like swelling, redness, styes, or itching sensations within a few hours or days after getting your new lashes.

To avoid unnecessary complications, you can ask your lash tech to perform an allergy test before applying the extensions.

If however, you do develop an allergic reaction after the appointment, call back your lash tech immediately to have your extensions removed and seek professional help.

2- Poor Application Can Affect Natural Lashes

It is crucial to apply extensions that are compatible with your natural lashes in terms of length, curl and thickness.

If the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes, they may cause stress and eventually cause premature shedding of your natural lashes.

That’s why it’s important to visit a certified lash technician that was properly trained in eyelash extension services.

3- Cost

There is no denying that eyelash extensions are a luxury of life. A classic eyelash extension treatment costs 164$ on average for an initial appointment depending on the type and place you’re getting them at.

At a first glance, cheaper options like strip lashes that can be bought for a few dollars at beauty outlets may seem like a much better alternative for your budget. However, keep in mind that strip lashes only last for a day while eyelash extensions last 3 to 4 weeks on average.

So, parting with a few dollars per day for a month can easily pile up to more than what you’re paying for eyelash extensions in one session. Moreover, eyelash extension refill sessions are much cheaper than the initial appointment.

Finally, these are two very different products and should not be compared on price alone.

Here’s a detailed case study on the minimum to maximum eyelash extensions price range for classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions so that you can be prepared before you commit to it.

4- Time Needed to Apply

We all have busy lifestyles and time is of the essence. Yes, your eyelash extension appointment will take time.

That’s because the lash artist has to carefully glue extensions on individual lashes without touching the eyelids with medical-grade glue. It is a meticulous and exhaustive process. A full set of classic eyelash extensions takes anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes to apply.

If you’re getting your lash extensions done for a special occasion, make sure you book ahead of time to be able to get the appointment that suits your schedule.

5- Requires Maintenance

Lastly, lash extensions require regular cleaning and brushing to ensure it holds the style and good retention. It is important to include eyelash care in your daily beauty regime to maintain the natural and beautiful look of your lashes.

Who Should Not Get Eyelash Extensions?

Unless you’re younger than 18 (check out what to do when you’re 16 or 17), lash extensions are for you. But if you’re predisposed to any of the medical conditions listed below, it’s mandatory to seek your doctor’s advice before booking a lash extension treatment.[5]

  • Eyelid Dermatitis is a condition where you experience eyelid eczema with stinging, itching, or burning sensations.
  • Blepharitis is when the edges of your eyelids are inflamed. Eyelids can look greasy while feeling itchy and irritated if you suffer from this.
  • Trichotillomania is a disorder where you experience unusual urges to pull hair out on any part of the body including eyelashes.
  • Alopecia Areata is a type of autoimmune disorder that results in excess hair loss on eyelashes, brows, and scalp.
  • Broken skin translates to any abrasion on the skin and in this case, anywhere on your eyelids. Open wounds can react with products used during the application of eyelash extensions.
  • Any history of allergies to latex, benzoic acid, cyanoacrylates, or other ingredients involved in eyelash treatment must be discussed with your doctor and lash tech prior to the treatment.
  • Specific treatments like chemotherapy, LASIK, or any radiation therapy aren’t a good time to get false eyelash extensions.

10 Things To Remember When Getting Eyelash Extensions

Knowing the pros and cons of eyelash extensions is half the guidance you need before getting lash extensions for the first time. The following includes 10 tips I tell clients who come to me for their first-ever eyelash extension appointment.

  1. Rubbing: Rubbing might be self-soothing when tensed but it can also lead to your eyelash extensions falling out quickly.
  2. Cleaning: The routine you follow to clean out dirt, debris, oil, sweat, etcetera by the end of the day is important to keep your eyelash extensions from shedding too early. If you work out, dance, run, or cook, you need to clean them right after. Keep a brush or comb on you at all times to detangle your lashes regularly too.
  3. Heat: Excessive heat whether it’s steam or sauna must be avoided at all costs because heat can break down the lash adhesive easily.
  4. Salt: Another thing that breaks down lash adhesive is salt and that’s why salted products and water is a big no-no with false lashes. Read more about swimming with eyelash extensions to prevent premature falling out of lashes.
  5. Showering: When you’re taking a bath or taking a shower with eyelash extensions, it’s important to make sure the hot water at high pressure doesn’t fall directly on your lashes. It can damage the bond created by the lash adhesive.
  6. Oil-free cosmetics: Oil can dissolve the lash extension glue than heat or salt even. That’s why you should carefully weed out makeup products and makeup removers with oil in their list of ingredients before getting false eyelashes.
  7. Waterproof makeup: Keep off eyeliners or mascaras that say ‘waterproof’ on the package because these are harder to remove and most probably force you to rub harshly around your lashes.
  8. Say goodbye to mechanical eyelash curlers: The stress caused by lash curlers can break the extensions. Moreover, lash extensions come with a preset curl and you can’t curl the extensions. Simply ask your lash tech for a curlier option!

    If you’re worried about your extensions losing their shape, go for a cruelty-free option like synthetic lashes as it can retain the curl.
  9. Change your sleeping style: While you can sleep with eyelash extensions, you need to avoid stomach and side sleeping positions to avoid squishing your new lashes. Sleep on your back or use a silk pillow cover for maximum retention.
  10. Go for a licensed tech: Don’t get the treatment done from an unlicensed lash tech. Keep in mind cheaper lash treatments may use clusters instead of individual extensions that weigh down on your natural lashes and break them.

    Also, preserving the health of your natural lashes should be the number one priority of any lash artist. Certified technicians are training with the best tools and techniques to achieve that goal.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent makeup option for adults of all ages and walks of life. It defines your eyes in a personalized manner, reduces your makeup time and accidents. They last a long time and are waterproof.

Even though it’s costly and takes a good amount of time to get done, it’s a safe and painless option. The key to getting a good eyelash extension treatment is a certified lash artist with good experience. Without that, you might end up with a poor application that can have more severe implications down the road.

While it requires regular maintenance, you can even pull no-makeup looks in style like never before. Most of my clients also love that they can experiment with different looks every month. Moreover, there are so many style options to choose from! Take a look at our detailed eyelash extensions guide to know A to Z about it before getting your new lash extensions.

All that being said, you shouldn’t get eyelash extensions if you have broken skin around lashes, eyelid dermatitis, blepharitis, trichotillomania, alopecia areata, or are going through radiation therapy, LASIK, or chemotherapy.

Eyelash extensions make you look gorgeous without any mascara or eyeliner if you remember to clean and brush them regularly. Rubbing your eyes excessively, using products with oil around your eyelashes, using waterproof makeup, or lash curlers aren’t advised if you want lash extensions to last a while.

Still unsure about getting lash extensions? Just type up your question or concern below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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