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  1. Hi! I had lash extensions on with the duo lash glue and used the neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser. My lashes came off, is the face wash the problem or my glue? Because when I washed my lashes with Cerave they didn’t come off. Please help! should I get a new glue or is the neutrogena cleanser the problem?

    1. Hi Anaum,

      The Neutrogena cleanser doesn’t seem to be an oil-based cleanser when I took a look at their ingredients. As such, it shouldn’t be the culprit. Having said that, I would recommend a specific cleanser for lash extensions if you want to stay on the safe side. I’ve written about the ones I prefer here

  2. I’m confused. Some say you cannot wash your extensions others say you can.
    Can you PLEASE tell me how to go about it. It’s my 2st time using extensions. Thank you

    Sorry! Hit post comment twice by mistake

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