Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pictures & Videos

Before and after picture of a woman with eyelash extensions

You’re ready to jump in the eyelash extension train and give it a try. But there are so many options to choose from. Should you choose classic lashes or volume lashes? Which style would look good on you? Wouldn’t be great if you could check a portfolio of before and after pictures and videos?

Eyelash extensions before and after pictures are an excellent tool you can use to discuss your desired look with your eyelash stylist. They allow you to quickly see which techniques and styles you would like to get.

In this article, we will share several before and after pictures and videos of our clients. We simply want to share the different options you can choose from!

Let’s check those gorgeous sets out!

Classic Natural Lashes (Video)

In this video we can see the before and after of a classic set performed by Divine Lashes. Beautiful lashes for a beautiful woman!

No Lashes Vs Natural Volume Vs Divine Volume

Woman without eyelash extension, with natural volume and divine volume

In this picture, we first start with a view of the client without eyelash extensions. We then progress with our very popular natural volume set. For an additional “humf” you can opt for a divine volume set. We simply take a longer appointment to completely fill the lash line with volume fans.

Volume Lashes Side by Side

Women with volume lashes on left eye and no lashes on right eye

For this client we first applied a full volume set on the left eye and didn’t any extensions on the right eye. Typically we work both eyes at the same time. However, we wanted to have a beautiful before and after picture of her volume eyelash extensions.

Volume Fill Before and After 3 weeks

Before and after picture of volume eyelash extensions after 3 weeks.

This client came back for a volume quick fill after 3 weeks. On the before picture on the top, you can see the extensions she retained. This is the typical retention we see at Divine Lashes. The bottom part of the picture shows the result after the 3 weeks quick fill was completed.

Before and After Picture From a Messy Application

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This client originally came from a different salon. As you can see on top, the lashes were uneven and quite messy. We went for a natural classic set and the after picture speeks for itself.

Before and After Picture of Mega Volume Lashes

Woman in different angles before mega volume eyelash extensions
Woman in different angles after mega volume eyelash extensions

Mega volume lashes are in a category of their own. There is no doubt that these sets are bold and beautiful. However, they require patience and skills. An intimate knowledge of the most up-to-date technique is required to perform a stunning mega volume set while maintaining the health and integrity of the client’s natural lashes.

Check out our eyelash extension volume training If you are an eyelash extension stylist and would like to learn how to create these amazing sets.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Before and After Full Face

Before and after picture of a woman with classic eyelash extensions

In the before picture, we can see that this client had natural lashes that were pointing down. She really wanted her lashes to be noticed. We did a classic set with a good curl to really bring are beautiful eyes out.

Natural Classic Set Before And After

Classic natural eyelash extension set before and after pictures.

Take a look at this gorgeous glamour classic before and after picture!

Final Thoughts

I hope these before and after examples give you an idea of the different options available when it comes to eyelash extensions. Choosing the right style that fits your daily life is important if you want to enjoy the end result.

I will try to add more before and after examples of our work in the future. If there are specific looks, styles or technique that you would like to see a before and after just let me know in the comments below!

– Love your lashes!

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